MicroEMU - Acquired by All My Web Needs

All My Web Needs greatly expanded its ability to serve the customers of its web design firm with the acquisition of the MicroEMU brand. Thanks to the digital revolution, a majority of website viewers now browse, surf, watch, listen and read web pages on their tablets, smart phones or other mobile devices. By acquiring the emulation technologies that MicroEMU has developed over the years, All My Web Needs is able to create dynamic mobile-friendly websites that can handle the diversity of screen sizes and shapes in the modern age.

Why Mobile-Friendly Site Design is Important

All of the relevant consumer research points to these facts:

  • Consumers expect local businesses to have a mobile-friendly website
  • Small businesses suffer when their websites have not been upgraded through mobile optimization
  • Mobile optimization is a website design issue -- not a mobile issue or a customer issue

According to research from Google, nearly 60 percent of consumers will not recommend a business to friends and family if that business does not have a website that's optimized for mobile devices. This is an incredible statistic when you consider that 9 out 10 small business websites in the US have not yet been through mobile optimization. This was a gap in the marketplace that All My Web Needs saw coming, which was a big factor in why the Nashville web design firm decided to acquire MicroEMU.

Benefits of Micro Emulator Technology

The award-winning web design and digital marketing team at All My Web Needs has been committed since its inception to creating the best possible user experience for our clients -- and their customers. If the customers of our clients are unhappy with a client's site design, that's on us. This why bringing the emulation tools of MicroEMU into the All My Web Needs development fold was so crucial for our clients.

Conversion optimization of our clients' sites is now more effective than ever. We are able to optimize websites for our clients across all mobile devices -- even competing ones -- using one set of development tools. This allows us to create dynamic, responsive websites for every client, whether their customers are using an iPhone, an Android-based phone, a mobile tablet or some other device.

Here are some of the many benefits our clients gained when All My Web Needs acquired MicroEMU:

  • Better User Experience: Most consumers will walk out of a store immediately, without making a purchase, if a business' website does not work properly on their mobile device.
  • Better Online Marketing: Marketing online to your customers is easier than ever when your business website is mobile-friendly. The customer has a seamless experience when receiving an offer and then acting on it immediately, thanks to the emulation process.
  • Faster Site Loading Speed: When a site has been through mobile optimization, it loads faster on smart phones and tablets. A non-optimized site may not load at all, and customers often abandon your website if they have to wait more than 6 seconds for it to begin loading.
  • Better Mobile SEO: Without mobile optimization, Google will not rate your website as highly in search rankings as a competitor with a mobile-optimized site.

Thanks to its acquisition of MicroEMU, All My Web Needs is able to construct, test, de-bug and optimize every one of our clients' websites across every conceivable mobile device. Every advantage we gained through MicroEMU's technology is directed at our website design customers, and our dedication to building the best possible websites for them.